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Each session will typically include presentation of some useful theory or concept which is then discussed as a group.  Experiential exercises are included to help each person make the theory practical and relevant to their own life.

It’s very normal to be anxious starting with a new group and to wonder if we will ‘fit in’ or if we will we be too loud, too quiet, too broken, too foolish, or too different in some way.  Each person interested in a group will have an opportunity to chat with me one-to-one to explore some of these fears.

Whether you are looking for your very first personal development group or have years of experience in this field or are even a qualified therapist looking for some group work, if you have not attended PD1 with me, then I would highly recommend starting here.  The course is structured in such a way that you can use it to find the quality of support you need.

You will be given a safe, confidential space where you will not be judged, labeled or advised.  You will be gently supported to explore your world and find ways to move forward.

It depends on many variables.  Sometimes a few sessions can be sufficient to help someone move through a ‘stuck’ place.  Others want to explore deeper levels of healing and this may take months or even years.

I meet with all interested people beforehand for a brief one-to-one conversation to check their readiness for this kind of work and to ensure that participants are able to support others without judgement.

On the first session with all groups, we spend time discussing and formulating a group contract which includes confidentiality, respect and other elements.  This creates firm boundaries to protect the safe space.