"I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in this course.  At the start, I was hoping to become better equipped as a husband, father and friend.  It has done so much more than that.  For me it has been transformative in how I relate to other people.  Thank you.”

“This has been life-changing for me!”

“I loved being with others in a totally safe and secure environment.”

“I keep recommending the course.  I have learned so much, how to improve my personal life, how to view myself as precious.”

“It was a wonderful experience and in many ways I wish that it could just continue endlessly.”

“This has been an intensive self-development programme.”

“I’d absolutely recommend this course!”

“The course was so much more than I expected. I loved the group interaction and discussions in breakout rooms.  It felt so safe and gentle and yet has been life-changing!”

“Thank you for this wonderful experience.”

“I was really amazed when most things were immediately applicable in real life.  The course was mind-blowing.  Extremely effective, so relaxed, with zero judgement.”

“It was a life-changing experience, and even though I paid for it, it doesn’t feel like a buy but more like a gift!  Thank you Paula!”